Google and Apple Attacked Over “Anti-Competitive” Behaviour Leading to App Store ‘Monopoly’

Senators have grilled Apple and Google in Washington over “anti-competitive” behavior associated with their app stores.

Representatives from Tile, Spotify, and Match also gave evidence, accusing the 2 tech firms of charging exorbitant fees and copying their ideas.

Both Apple and Google’s app stores charge fees of up to 30% for in-app purchases.

The two companies said the fees were justified to supply security for users.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel focussed on claims that Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play are anti-competitive.

Senator Amy Klobuchar said that Apple’s App Store was a “literal monopoly”.

She said both stores “exclude or suppress apps that compete with their products” and “charge excessive fees that affect competition within the app store economy”.

Google Play and therefore the App Store are where the overwhelming majority of apps worldwide are downloaded.

Developers claim that due to a scarcity of competition Apple and Google can charge extortionate rates.

There were also claims that Apple used its App Store to unfairly compete with rivals.

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